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The Fauquier Fusion Philosophy:
The Fauquier Fusion is committed to developing those players looking to compete at a higher level of competition. Fusion teams are committed to incorporating and stressing the fundamental aspects of fast pitch softball; creating local tournament team opportunities for girls in and around Fauquier County while keeping time and monetary commitments to a manageable level. Our goal is to build and train cohesive and competitive teams, and to develop fully rounded softball players who exhibit character, integrity and athletic performance and to provide a healthy, safe and reliable environment in which to play fast pitch softball.”

The Fusion Advantage: why choose to play for the Fusion.

The Fauquier Fusion teams are similar to many other fast pitch travel teams. What sets us apart?
  • When you make a Fusion team you are on that team for the year*. Not just for the fall season. Not just the spring season. You are part of the Fusion family for the fall season, winter workouts, and the spring season
  • No mid-season tryouts unless absolutely required. No looking over your shoulder to see who is being brought in.
  • Affordable registration fee covers your daughter for both the fall and spring seasons as well as the winter workouts.
  • Minimal fund raising.
  • Minimal travel-  Almost all of the tournaments the Fusion teams attended were within two hours drive of Fauquier County.
  • Plenty of fields to use for practices and games.
  • We feel that the Fusion offers all of the standard benefits of travel softball as well as additional benefits not found in other organizations.

    *Players making Fusion teams are on the team for the year unless they choose to leave or there is a disciplinary problem that requires a player being asked to leave for the good of the team as a whole.

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